Sharing Special Times


Unexpected Events

There are times when the path of life is filled with bumps, and many people tend to look at them as obstacles. There are always people able to see them as opportunities, so unexpected events are not necessarily a disaster to them. A surprise snowstorm early in the year could be an opportunity to enjoy building a snowman, or a sudden thaw might be just what they need to take a walk down memory lane with a warm cup of cocoa and their partner.

There are many times when unexpected events force couples to move in different ways, and finding a show they have tickets for could be one of them. They can spend the time being disappointed they will not be able to see their favorite artist perform, or they could end up exploring a new area of town. Those who prefer the second option will often find their time has been spent well, and they will create new connections with each other and their community.

Weather plays a huge role in the lives of most people, and a sudden violent storm brewing up could make them change their plans. For those who wanted to spend a day lolling at the beach, staying indoors could provide them with new opportunities. They might have been too busy to go see a movie that interested both of them, yet now they have the perfect excuse to do it together. It might not have been their first choice, but it could be the choice that provides them with a fun time they had not planned.

There will always be unexpected events that occur on a random basis, but it is more important to use them to find things to do together as a couple. Making great memories with each other can be simple enough if two people are willing to look past their former plans and experience new things.